Scalp acupuncture therapy has been practicing for the thousands of years, but scalp acupuncture develops very fast only in recent decades. In theory about scalp acupuncture, head is where all yang meridians meeting together, and this is the house of original spirit. Brain is the sea of the marrow and is the master of Zangfu organs and meridian functional activities. Acupoints on the head can regulate function of yin and yang, qi and blood and Zangfu organs.

Scalp acupuncture therapy gradually developed through different generations and the records were rich in medical book and were found as earlier as 220-1950 AD. In 1950s scalp acupuncture became one part of micro – puncture system and began to form an independent system. In 1970’s scalp acupuncture was separated from traditional acupuncture system under influence of neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and bioholographic principle of modern medicine.

In US, Dr. Zhu Minqing began developing scalp acupuncture method in 1970 and brought his practice to US and created Chinese acupuncture center in 1991 in San Francisco. Also, in 1970 scalp acupuncture method developed rapidly and formed various scalp acupoints nomenclature system. In 1980 – 1990 WHO Scientific Group were approved the international standards of scalp acupuncture lines and zones.  There for, scalp acupuncture has many schools or systems.